The Gracious Plenty – Issue 96

Greetings Eric & Sookie Lovers!

It’s been another eventful week here at Eric & Sookie Lovers! We have some True Blood Season 6 casting news (and so it starts) and the DEA synopsis are just some of the highlights!

You know what that means…yep, it’s time to get ready to read The Gracious Plenty! Who has some Vaseline we can borrow? This one is looking extremely HUGE for this time of year! This might take a little bit extra Eric and Sookie lovin’ to make it fit!

Without further delay…get ready to drool below!

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TV Line broke the news that True Blood hired another actor for season 6! This time they are saying it’s a “new love interest” for Sookie. Say wha?? If you want to find out more – plus my reminder that all is NOT what it appears to be…read it here!

This poll is now over…but you can find out how many of us told The Vampire Book Club that “Deadlocked” was our pick as Reader’s Choice in the Best Book of 2012 Poll! We’re keeping our fingers crossed our efforts didn’t go to waste! We’ll keep you informed once we know for sure!

Can you see Alexander Skarsgård in a loin cloth and answering to the name, Tarzan? That just might happen in the future! Find out more here and cast your vote in our poll to let us know what you think about this possible role! Yay or nay?

Our good friends over at the Sookieverseblog shared the unofficial synopsis for “Dead Ever After”! But WAIT! That’s not all…just today we shared the OFFICIAL synopsis from Amazon! There is only one part that’s been added to the unofficial one. But please read with care…SPOILERS BEWARE!

Looking for some Christmas gift ideas? We have the PERFECT gift for you…or someone you know who will appreciate this too! For NOT a cheap sum of money, you can order the GQ Style Australia issue with Alexander Skarsgård on the cover! Click here to find out where, when and the all important…how much?

In the latest Charlaine Harris news…She recently signed a contract with the APA agency! What does this mean exactly? You’ll have to click this link to find out more! Hint: this could be good news in case Charlaine has her Harper Connelly series turned into a TV show.

Remember in season 1, when Eric came to Merlotte’s to take Bill to the tribunal? Well, we’ve taken one screencap to see what you could come up with! Ready, set…Caption This!

Recovered from pneumonia and taking a break from her studies…Nymerias returns for another edition of Just My Fangpinion! Find out what she has to say to Mark Hudis, who is taking over True Blood! Hopefully he’ll read it and take note!

We’re remembering the cute moments between Eric & Sookie, especially during True Blood season 4 in the Eric & Sookie Lover’s pick for Video of the Week!

First of all…our apologies for putting a picture of Bill in this newsletter. But we hope you’ll soon forgive us when you find out the reason why! Check out Xfinity’s 15 Worst-Cast Vampires! (Told ya it was good! ;))

Before we leave you…we have to erase that ugly image of Bill from our minds. Here you go! Hope this does the trick!

Ahhh…MUCH better!

That’s it…that’s all, lovers! Hope it was as good for you as it was for me! Last one to the showers has to brush Alcide’s back! LOL Ewww…

Until next week, Eric & Sookie Lovers…hope you have a fangtasic week!