The Gracious Plenty – Issue 104

Greetings Eric & Sookie Lovers!

It’s been one of those weeks when you have so much to do and little time to do it around here. You know what that means, right? Yes, get yourself ready to read something HUGE…something GIGANTIC…something…SKARSGASMIC! There’s only one thing big enough to hold it properly, and that’s The Gracious Plenty!

You will need some extra lubrication to be able to take it all in…this week’s edition of Skarsporn is brought to you by Eric’s ass! Don’t you just want to squeeze it?


3x01badbloodtrueblood12tumblr_lp8akucgMn1qd7ncoo2_500tumblr_mdecbdkFGV1qclcsgo1_50020kp5z.jpgWait a minute…how did this last one get in here? Oh well. We’re sure you’re not going to complain, right? To be fair, it DOES show Alex’s ass from the side…

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Are you ready?

Eric-and-Sookie-3-sookie-and-eric-26593635-200-167Let’s get it on!


Alex is featured in Red UK Magazine – February 2013 issue! Check out the scans and the interview here!


Somehow we have a feeling this certain Eric and Sookie scene from season 4 ranks near the top in scenes which need a re-write…well, here’s your chance and Caption This!


Great news! True Blood won in the 2013 People’s Choice Awards! Find out what award they took home!


Mark Hudis, True Blood’s new showrunner shared some spoilerish info on True Blood Season 6! Find out what he shared with his old college alum!


We’re continuing our year-long celebration of the Sookie Stackhouse novels…this time, we’re raising the dead with the 8th book in the series, “From Dead To Worse”! Find out what we thought about the book and feel free to share your own thoughts too!


True Blood was the Best of 2012 when it comes to Get Glue, the social network where you “check in” to receive stickers of your faves! Find out which categories and where they ranked over at Get Glue in 2012!


As you know Eric & Sookie really know how to take their time getting together. That is why our Eric & Sookie Lover’s Video of the Week is called “Taking My Time” sung by Olivia Broadfield and made by SupernaturalFix! Watch it and enjoy!


We’ve reached the Top 32 in our Celebrating the SVM Tournament, where we are voting to determine which Eric and Sookie quotes from the books is #1! You have only until January 20th to cast your votes in this round…will yours make it to the next? The only way to make it happen is to cast your votes HERE!


We’ve saved the best for last…some Golden Globe Skarsporn! We know you would like us to leave you alone now so you can check out how HOT Alex looked! Very well…click HERE! YUM.

That’s it…that’s all, lovers! Hope you enjoyed this week’s issue of The Gracious Plenty!

Until next week, Eric & Sookie Lovers…hope you have a fangtasic week!


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