The Gracious Plenty – Issue 107

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Well, it’s been another eventful week here at Eric & Sookie Lovers! You know what that means…lots and lots and lots of

cooltext850881573…oh yeah, it also means you’re in for a BIG issue of The Gracious Plenty! It’s big…it’s huge and completely satisfying…kind of like Eric Northman is! This is no ordinary issue. You will need to be prepared…

Without further ado…here’s some images which will get you in the mood!


We hope the last image in particular has you going…

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432320_302705016513100_2032817328_nWe start this issue with the latest True Blood Episode 6.03 title and casting call…but wait! They have since changed the title of the episode to THIS. WARNING: Spoilers beware – read it if you dare!

391370_121410858035066_806332693_nWe announced Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd will be appearing in a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein called, “Provocations”. Check out the sneak peek! There will be more…LOTS more on this later! ;)

sundance-channel-interviewSick of watching videos of “The East” cast? Good! Because we have more for you to watch HERE!tb_0177

Our new BFF’s over at Entertainment Weekly, shared the Top TV Couples we love to ship! Guess who made this list? Find out what they said about our favorite couple on the link!

alex-wmk-pole“LIVE FROM NEW YORK…IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT!” If you would like to hear Alex saying those words because he’s hosting Saturday Night Liveclick here to help us make this a reality! We would LOVE to see him host the show!

img_1022Anxious for True Blood Season 6? We have some photos from the set! Our good friend Barbara was on location and took many, many photos! You can check them out here and here!

20130202-012143Alexander graced the pages of Grazia SA magazine and we have the scans to share with you! We also have video coverage from E! News where they talk about Alex playing the role of Tarzan and about the CK “Provocations” ad campaign! All this and more HERE!

dsc_0098_2Sick of all this Skarsporn? Good…because there’s more! Check out the 5-page Calvin Klein “Provocations” ad found in Vanity Fair magazine!

34And if that’s not all…MORE Skarsporn! May be present…the CALVIN KLEIN “PROVOCATIONS” ad! This ad has created many awesome gifs and pictures…you can check some of them out on our Tumblr page.

43Wanting a break from all that Skarsporn? Let’s take a break to watch the Eric & Sookie Lover’s pick for Video of the Week! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

5We have good news and bad news. The good news? We have a sneak peek at the True Blood Season 5 DVD cover and the UK release date! The bad news…still no word on when it will be released in the US and other parts of the world.

finalfourAnd now we’re down to 4…the Final Four that is! In our Celebrating the SVM Book Quotes Tournament, where we’re trying to decide which was our favorite Eric and Sookie book moment from books 1-12! Think you can help us out? Cast your votes HERE to determine which quote is the Eric & Sookie lover’s favorite of the series (except DEA, of course)!

In book news (I don’t know why we didn’t post about this but we figured you would find this interesting and we would mention it in this newsletter) Charlaine Harris revealed an interesting, and possibly a spoiler – concerning the end of the series in her own forum last week. Check out the image below.

Screen-Shot-2013-01-29-at-2.16.37-PMWhat does this mean? Our good friends over at the Sookieverseblog took an in-depth look at this quote and what it might mean for the end of the series. We found it very intriguing and our apologies for not posting about it on Eric & Sookie Lovers. You should go find out what they said! We think this may give you hope for Eric and Sookie!

That’s it…that’s all! Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s issue! I did not lie…it IS a Gracious Plenty! My fingers are sore from typing! LOL

Until next week, Eric & Sookie Lovers…hope you have a fangtasic week!