The Gracious Plenty – Issue 110

Greetings Eric & Sookie Lovers!

Whew! I’m exhausted and I’m fighting a terrible headache, but I’m suffering through it to bring you the latest issue of The Gracious Plenty. They say sex cures headaches – so I’m hoping a little Skarsporn will cure mine!

This past week has been pretty busy around here…so you better grab yourself a drink, sit back and relax…we’re going to have get you hot and bothered and well prepared to read this issue properly!

This week’s Skarsporn has been brought to you by ‘head/hair grabbin’ – Eric and Sookie style! If you love how Eric touches Sookie’s hair or grabs her head…this will more than likely get you in the mood!

tumblr_l8k68urpY61qc13oatumblr_lsxp4sZipr1r0xgxu3x04_0267tumblr_l7o3d97rSO1qcs3sko1_250tumblr_low6i2EngJ1qb1eb9o1_500tumblr_lp89mp6eyq1qg9qkuo1_500If only my headaches were caused by this… *sighs*

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Since we have a LOT to cover…we better get started.

Are you ready?


Let’s get it on!

20121201-081930Has a True Blood scene ever made you break out in song? If so, tell us and Caption This True Blood scene!

11It’s Oscar time! You know what that means…Anna Paquin appeared at a pre-Oscar party in anticipation of the awards. Check out the photos – as she appeared at the Tom Ford Cocktail Event!

404271_10151104220937686_746078665_nFor those die hard collectors out there…you can now pre-order a special linen bound and signed edition of “Dead Ever After”! Find out more info HERE!

1cAnna Paquin appeared at another pre-Oscar party…check out the photos from the Great British Film Reception! (You certainly can’t tell she just had twins not too long ago, can you?)

43If you love listening to Beyonce and her song “Halo” in particular…you’ll LOVE this week’s pick for Video of the Week! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red CarpetIt was a night at the Academy Awards…you know what that means…Hollywood after-parties! Unfortunately, Alex laid low, so we have no new Skarsporn to share with you. But we do have pictures of Anna, Stephen and Ryan, who attended some events! Check out the pics HERE!

432320_302705016513100_2032817328_nSPOILER ALERT! We’ve saved the best for last! Check out the episode title and some more casting calls for True Blood 6.04! Personally, I want True Blood to use the Wham! song… ;) In fact, I DARE THEM! LOL

Well…hate to break it to you…but that’s it for this week. This issue seems rather blah with the lack of Skarsporn this week. To make up for it…here you go! One more before we call it a week…

th_alex_showerIf only the camera angle would zoom down a little further…

Until next week, Eric & Sookie Lovers…hope you have a fangalicious week!


3 thoughts on “The Gracious Plenty – Issue 110

  1. I normally love seeing pics of our fave TB characters, but is it me or has AP lost her smile? There’s a distinctly Vic Beckham look to her poses (including he waifishness).

  2. Hope your headache’s gone – owie! I agree w/ ^princessbrigant^ – AP’s definitely got a sour cast to both her face and her poses these days. :(

    • I agree, she’s got a bit of a sour puss going on. And I don’t care for the slicked back hair look, but that’s just my opinion. I wanna feed her a heapin’ helpin’ of biscuits n gravy; she needs a little meat on her bones. Has anyone noticed that Stephen’s smile seems to be natural, but his ‘chic’ scowl seems put on, where as AP looks genuinely sad?

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